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14 Sep
Ćwiczenia strażackie w Hucie Częstochowa

Firefighting exercises in Częstochowa Steelworks

A fire on the painting line, an endangered pipeline with coke-oven gas and the dispatch area in the Thick Metal Sheet Rolling Mill hall – this is the scenario of firefighting exercises that took place this week in Częstochowa Steelworks. In the morning of September 8th, seven fire engines entered the area of the Thick […]

24 Aug
Prezentacja piłkarzy Rakowa w hali Huty Częstochowa

Presentation of Raków football players in the Huta Częstochowa hall

RKS Raków Częstochowa organized on Wednesday, August 19, a presentation of football players in the hall of Steel Structures of Częstochowa Steelworks, and already on Saturday (22.08.2020) will start the new season of PKO First League with a football match against the Polish champion Legia Warszawa. The presentation of Raków team before the season is […]

28 Jul

Sunningwell buys Huta Czestochowa

On Tuesday, July 28th, at a meeting of the District Court in Częstochowa, the trustee selected Sunningwell Steel Polska S.A. as the future owner of Huta Częstochowa. The choice was approved by a judge-commissioner. After the decision becomes legally binding, the company will have two months to pay the offered amount and sign the contract […]

21 Jul
Plan dzierżawy ST3 Offshore

Lease plan for ST3 Offshore

Sunningwell International Polska, which leases the Huta Czestochowa Steelworks, wants to take over ST3 Offshore in Szczecin. The Szczecin factory was designed and launched in 2011 under the name KSO sp. z o.o. as a plant producing steel structures, mainly trusses of offshore wind towers. ST3 Offshore has, among others, the highest gantry crane in […]

14 Jul
Prezes Sunningwell International Polska Marek Frydrych odwiedził pracownię Tomasza Sętowskiego

The President Marek Frydrych visited Tomasz Sętowski’s studio

– We want to actively participate in the life of the inhabitants of Częstochowa, including the artistic community – says Marek Frydrych, President of the company that leases the Huta Częstochowa. As he admitted, he likes fine arts very much.– I did not know Tomasz Sętowski, but I know and appreciate his painting very well. […]

08 Jul
Certyfikaty dla konstrukcji z Huty Częstochowa

Certificates for the constructions from Huta Częstochowa

Huta Częstochowa has renewed certificates related to steel products processing, including those necessary to resume production of welded steel structures. As a result of an audit conducted at the Steelworks in May by specialists from a notified body TUV Thuringen, the Factory Product Control Certificate, confirming the compatibility of products with the EN 1090-1 standard, […]

05 Jun

Sunningwell wants to buy the Częstochowa Steelworks

Sunningwell International Polska Sp. z o.o. is ready to buy Czestochowa Steelworks without a tender for 250 million PLN – said President Marek Frydrych. On Wednesday, June 3, a meeting was held in the District Court in Częstochowa concerning the tender for the sale of the bankrupt ISD Częstochowa Steelworks. It was very short, because […]

29 May
Niezwykła kolej monorail w Rzeszowie

Extraordinary monorail in Rzeszów

Sunningwell International Polska, the leaseholder of the Częstochowa Steelworks, signed a letter of intent with the Rzeszów government regarding the construction of a monorail railway in the city. Monorail is a railway system in which vehicles run on a single rail, most often over the ground on a special overpass. Such lines operate in many […]

14 Apr
Przetarg na sprzedaż ISD HUTA CZĘSTOCHOWA Sp. z o.o.

Receiver of the ISD Huta Częstochowa

Receiver of the ISD Huta Częstochowa Sp. z o.o. in bankruptcy in Częstochowa (File reference VIII GUp 137/19) announces a tender for the sale of the enterprise. The subject of the tender is ISD Huta Częstochowa Sp. z o.o. registered in Częstochowa (KRS No 0000136890) described in the description and estimated as at 3 September […]

14 Feb

Częstochowa Steelworks reduces energy costs

Huta Częstochowa carried out a power reduction test within the national DSR system. Participation in the programme brings about a reduction of energy costs for Huta. The electricity power reduction service at the request of the transmission system operator (referred to as DSR) is a programme of the Polish Power Grids, securing the national power […]