Certificates for the constructions from Huta Częstochowa

08 Jul
Certyfikaty dla konstrukcji z Huty Częstochowa

Certificates for the constructions from Huta Częstochowa

Huta Częstochowa has renewed certificates related to steel products processing, including those necessary to resume production of welded steel structures.

As a result of an audit conducted at the Steelworks in May by specialists from a notified body TUV Thuringen, the Factory Product Control Certificate, confirming the compatibility of products with the EN 1090-1 standard, was extended for another year. Such a certificate was obtained by the Steelworks a year ago under the sign of the previous owner, and in autumn it was transcribed to Sunningwell International Polska. Now it has been extended, thanks to which the manufactured steel elements and structural sets can be sold in Poland and in the European Union countries. These structures can be made of metal sheets produced at the Huta Częstochowa.

Since the structural elements are joined by welding, it would not be possible to obtain the ZKP certificate without having an appropriate document certifying the quality in this respect. That is why earlier the Steelworks obtained the EN ISO 3834-2 certificate, which confirms the fulfilment of full requirements of the world standard for welding steel structures. It allows to perform construction works in a similar scope as in the past in the Steel Construction Centre, which operated in Huta Częstochowa until 2014.

The Quality Control Department, which is responsible, among others, for the certificates necessary for Huta Częstochowa, in the field of sheet metal processing, has also obtained relevant administrative decisions of the Office of Technical Inspection. One of them concerns the possibility of manufacturing pressure and non-pressure machinery and metal sheets for these elements, and the other one concerns the approval of the technology of rolling metal sheets for production and repair of technical installations under technical supervision. The authorisations granted by the decisions of the Technical Inspection Office are also accepted by military and transport technical supervision.

Obtaining these certificates allows to widen the range of processed elements produced in Huta Częstochowa.