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Marek Frydrych

Marek Frydrych

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The date of the tender for the sale of Huta Częstochowa is approaching. It will be a decisive moment for the future of the company and its employees. As the President of Sunningwell International Polska, I confirm our desire to purchase Huta Częstochowa, as well as our readiness to exercise our pre-emptive right.

Having leased the Steelworks for eight months, we have got to know it well, we know what its needs and potential are, and we have also found out about the great value of its reliable and competent employees, ready to take up challenges. It is thanks to your commitment that we managed to resume production at Huta Częstochowa and fight to regain its position on the market, despite many difficulties we are facing. It is the daily, hard work of metallurgists that gives hope for the success of the company.

We believe that Sunningwell International Polska will successfully complete the tender procedure and, as the owner of the steelworks, will be able to implement its development plans. The change of the lease to ownership will create a completely different legal situation, as well as will facilitate the financing of the company and allow to increase production.

Sunningwell International Polska declares that it will carry out investments in order to modernize the company and will take care of the systematic increase of salaries for employees. It will be our common success, for which we keep our fingers crossed.

Marek Frydrych
The President of Sunningwell International Polska Sp. z o.o.

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