Current activities and our priorities

Steel holding company

At the moment, the company is focusing on the realization of projects in the scope of creating a steel holding:

  • acquisition of metallurgical assets in Romania and start of production at plants
  • integration of all metallurgical assets in Poland and Romania into one steel holding company (Sunningwell Steel) and listing the company on the stock exchange.
Sunningwell Steel

Polskie Fabryki Domów

The second priority in our business is to start the construction of the first house factory – as one of the most important projects of great social importance, but also assuming a very profitable financial result for the company.

Eventually, we are planning to build several factories in different locations in Poland in order to respond to market demand.

We would like the first houses from our factories to appear on the market in 2021.

Polskie Fabryki Domow

Integration of other projects

In the years 2020-2021, smaller projects will be restructured, shares in several companies financed by Sunningwell will be consolidated, their efficiency will be improved, and production will be expanded in such companies as RMP, GreenTech, Makpol and others.

We hope that these companies, despite the current epidemic, will confirm their vitality and effectiveness, and will develop according to the assumptions of their shareholders and management boards.

Integracja innych projektów
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