Częstochowa Steelworks reduces energy costs

14 Feb

Częstochowa Steelworks reduces energy costs

Huta Częstochowa carried out a power reduction test within the national DSR system. Participation in the programme brings about a reduction of energy costs for Huta.

The electricity power reduction service at the request of the transmission system operator (referred to as DSR) is a programme of the Polish Power Grids, securing the national power system. The Częstochowa Steelworks has participated in it since the beginning, i.e. from 2017.

In the situation where there is a very high demand for electricity in the country or a decrease in energy supply (e.g. as a result of a serious power plant or network failure), the transmission operator may call on the participants of the programme to reduce consumption. The call is made one day in advance. The programme is guaranteed, which means that its participants are obliged to respond to the call and reduce consumption by the previously declared amount. A participant may not respond to the call only if it reports so called “unavailability”, but must do so before the call is announced.

PSE addresses the programme to individual companies, as well as so-called aggregators, associating groups of recipients. Huta Częstochowa belongs to such a group, created by Enspirion. It derives significant financial benefits from participation in the power reduction service.

– PSE pays us a monthly fee for readiness to reduce power, and additionally a specific rate for each megawatt of reduced power in case of a call to provide the service due to a threat” says Zbigniew Churas, General Specialist for Energy at the Steelworks.

From time to time, PSE announces a public tender for participation in the DSR programme, and the companies declare how much they will reduce their consumption in case of a call for services. The current period covers the months from February to November 2020, and the reduction obligation is during the  EU Council Summit hours: in winter (February-March and October-November) 16-20, and in summer (April-September) 10-18. In summer and winter there may be seven calls for reduction (tests are not included).

The Częstochowa Steelworks declared the possibility of reduction by 50 MW in relation to the base level (the method of its determination is given by the Orerator in each month according to one of several complicated methods determined at the tender stage, among others on the basis of historical consumption).

On 7 February PSE conducted a test of the programme. They announced the call, and participants were obliged to reduce their consumption by the declared power between 4 and 20 pm.

– The test confirmed the ability of the Steelworks to provide the service,” said Zbigniew Churas. – In the case of the Steelworks reduction by the declared 50 MW means in practice temporarily shutting down the Steelworks and limiting or stopping production at the Thick Metal Rolling Mill.

The described terms of the power reduction service are being modified in connection with the activities of the European energy system, and from 2021 they will change in connection with the new Power Market Act.

– The service brings us measurable financial benefits and is one of the forms of reducing the costs of electricity used in the steelworks, and consequently also production costs – says Zbigniew Churas – In order to participate in the programme it is necessary to involve a large part of the management and staff of the Steelworks.