Lease plan for ST3 Offshore

21 Jul
Plan dzierżawy ST3 Offshore

Lease plan for ST3 Offshore

Sunningwell International Polska, which leases the Huta Czestochowa Steelworks, wants to take over ST3 Offshore in Szczecin.

The Szczecin factory was designed and launched in 2011 under the name KSO sp. z o.o. as a plant producing steel structures, mainly trusses of offshore wind towers.

ST3 Offshore has, among others, the highest gantry crane in Europe (120 m high, 1400 t lifting capacity), designed for final assembly. Thanks to the company’s location on an island on the Oder River, it is possible to directly load the finished products on barges and have easy access to the Baltic Sea.

Unfortunately, ST3 Offshore did not manage to cope on the market and on 31 March this year. The Szczecin-Centrum District Court announced the company’s bankruptcy, and until August 14th, its receiver is waiting for offers to lease the assets and take over the employees (at the moment of announcing bankruptcy there were about 300 of them). Thus the procedure is similar to the one applied last year in the case of Huta Częstochowa.

The President of Sunningwell International Polska Marek Frydrych informed that he is interested in taking over the Szczecin company and launching production of a wide range of marine and land constructions based on sheet metal produced at the Huta Częstochowa.