Production of Huta Częstochowa in 2019

09 Feb

Production of Huta Częstochowa in 2019

38.5 thousand tons of slabs in the Steelworks and 33.3 thousand tons of plates in the Thick Metal Rolling Mill have been produced by the Częstochowa Steelworks since the plant was leased by Sunningwell International Polska.

Production Director Jarosław Huptyś summarized the results of the Steelworks in 2019. – Practically between May and October the steelworks produced nothing and was not present on the market, and then had to carry out a restart procedure and rebuild its position” he comments.

Let us recall that in 2019 the Częstochowa Steelworks actually produced for just over six months. After the first few months, due to the growing debt and the barrage of working capital, ISD Huta Czestochowa stopped production in May in the Steelworks, and soon also in the Thick Metal Rolling Mill, including the Prefabrication Department. After unsuccessful attempts to find an investor, on 29 June an application for its bankruptcy was filed, which was announced by the District Court on 4 September. The trustee appointed by him leased the steelworks to Sunningwell International Polska on 19 September, which undertook to resume production in October and kept its word. On 18 October, the steelworks was restarted, and ten days later – after receiving the first batches of the charge – production was resumed by the Fattening Steel Mill. However, the volume of production was initially limited by the relatively small number of orders for heavy plates.

– We were not on the market and the contractors found other producers. After the resumption of production we had to rebuild their trust. This process is still ongoing, but thanks to the great contribution of the Sales Department, the sales results are surprisingly good, which is a great forecast for the coming months – emphasizes Jarosław Huptyś.

It is worth adding that despite a few months of unplanned stoppage, the machines and equipment in the Steelworks and the Thick Metal Sheet Rolling Mill were not faulty and their start-up went smoothly, without technical problems. Such excellent results were achieved thanks to very efficient work of the entire crew of both plants.

Already under the banner of Sunningwell International Polska, between October 18 and December 31, the steelworks produced a total of 38.5 thousand tons of slabs, of which the Thick Metal Rolling Mill from October 28 to December 31 rolled 33.3 thousand tons of plates. Some of them were used immediately in the metallurgical Department of Prefabrication. In the last months of 2019, it produced 959 tonnes of products. These were mainly machine prefabricated products, and since December also special elements of large-size tanks.

The results of the so-called yield, which in this period of the Stalprofitting Plant averaged as much as 89.5 percent, and in the Thick Metal Rolling Mill – 86.5 percent, as well as low electricity consumption in the Steel Plant, which, for example, in October amounted to 371 kWh per ton during the whole month, are worth emphasizing.

The parameters achieved must be considered very good. We have not had such excellent results in terms of output and energy consumption for years. The quality of the products is also very good, with the level of defects far below the acceptable standards” says Production Director. In the opinion of the management, the Steelworks is very well prepared to effectively compete on the difficult market of steel products in 2020.