Sunningwell International Polska leased ISD Częstochowa Steelworks

20 Sep

Sunningwell International Polska leased ISD Częstochowa Steelworks

The notarial lease agreement of Huta Częstochowa was signed on 19 September by the receiver of ISD Huta Częstochowa Sp. z o. o. in bankruptcy and Sunningwell International Polska. The lease period covers 12 months and is to precede the sale of Huta Częstochowa.

The most urgent task is to resume production at Huta, which has not actually worked since May. The President of Sunningwell International Polska during the meeting with the crew announced that the schedule of related activities is already ready. In the next few days the metallurgists staying on the so called “parking lot” should return to work to participate in the preparations for the start-up. It is also necessary to buy scrap metal and necessary raw materials and to review the equipment and installations. The steelworks is to resume production by October 10, and after a few days also the Thick Metal Rolling Mill will start operating.

The leaseholder takes over the entire crew of ISD Częstochowa Steelworks in accordance with Article 231 of the Labour Code, i.e. in accordance with the existing employment conditions. The steel trade union organisations have already been informed about this. Each employee will receive a document with information on the transition to a new employer for signing.

On the day of signing the lease agreement ISD Huta Częstochowa employed 1185 employees.