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Sunningwell International Polska Sp. z o.o.
Since 2009, Sunningwell International Polska has been operating dynamically on the domestic and international market. The initial idea of creating a leader in the energy sector has evolved into a much more developed vision.
The Sunningwell team consists of experts with many years of experience in the fields of: import service, heavy and light production, banking and economic analysis. Our innovative approach to cooperation is the starting point for preparing an effective financing and/or investment program.
The company's business activity mainly covers the sectors of energy, metallurgy, trade in bulk commodities, raw materials and minerals and agricultural production. The Polish company, under the leadership of Mr. Marek Frydrych, is increasingly developing its activity also in the area of investments in difficult projects. We are looking for various, often unconventional solutions and are ready to offer innovative forms of support.
What does cooperation with Sunningwell ensure?

We analyze each case individually. We carry out a dialogue until the conditions of cooperation are beneficial for both parties. The result of the cooperation is to obtain financial resources to ensure a smooth transaction.

Our cooperation with investors from various regions of the globe allows us to develop opportunities for Polish business in the international arena.

The model of spreading the cost of transaction or investment financing over time is one of the greatest advantages of using financing offered by Sunningwell International Polska.

Partnership on Asian markets

China and South-East Asia

Using our organizational structure, which includes a branch in China, we can provide import services using banking products offered by Chinese banks. The advantage of this solution is a shorter administrative process, lower operating costs and the ability to provide local quality control of the goods imported by the Client.

Main product areas in Sunningwell service

Sunningwell International Poland is open to cooperation in various areas of the economy. We deal with projects in fields we are familiar with, such as metallurgy, mining, chemistry and trade commodities. We finance the purchase of equipment and machinery for processors of municipal and plastic waste, as well as supplies of scrap, steel and other metallurgical materials. Recently, as part of our cooperation with the mining industry, we acquired the site of the former Paryż Coal Mine. We are currently considering resuming coal mining in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Chemical industry

We support the import of chemical products, both loose and liquid, purchased from international chemical concerns with a particular focus on Asia and the Middle East.

Natural raw materials

We are one of the largest entities financing coal imports to Poland, both wholesale and retail. We operate regardless of gradation and delivery route (sea / rail).

Machinery and equipment

We support the import and export of machinery and equipment, as part of global transactions. We provide both financing and security structure for transactions.


We are active in the market for plastics-based production, coordinating the financing of supplies of semi-finished products for further processing.


We support Polish companies in the process of importing electronic devices and commissioned production, providing diverse financing models.
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